Terrorism and the Law – Essay Example

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One of the serious form of domestic terrorism which has been encountered in America is the rise of the Anti abortion violence, which carry out their act of vandalism and destruction against the individuals and the organizations, which carries out abortion. The rise of anti abortion violence saw mass kidnapping, attempted murder and even involved bombing which resulted in the loss of property and life. However the issue of terrorism came into the forefront by the attacks carried on September 11. The terrorist activities carried out in the country were well supported by the use of sophisticated planning and logistic.

The terrorist group also had the access to unconventional weaponry which aggravated the signs of danger for the citizens of the country. The terrorist groups were mostly self financed and had their presence in various parts of the world. The terror attacks in the World Trade Center were carried out by the Islamic group, Al Qaeda and they used the context of the religion to pose such massive attacks. In matters of carrying out terrorism against US, various countries were found to have direct or indirect link and majority of them were Islamic.

However the US government also did reacted swiftly to such calamity caused by the terror groups and a full scale campaign was launched against Afghanistan and the Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden. The operation proved effective in eliminating the terror groups and finally led to the killing of Osama Bin laden. During the operation, US forces received massive support from the other countries of the world and this led to the overall success.

The terror attacks which took place in 9/11 also revealed a trend of the attackers to carry out their operations in groups along with the transnational nature of the terrorism. The problem of international terrorism appears as a threat to the domestic and the foreign security of the country. The target selection by the terrorist groups both domestic and international, and the timing of the attacks had affected the interest of the country significantly and had hampered the overall peace of the world (Perl, 2003). The effect of the attack on the World Trade Center saw the emergence of war between the USA and Afghanistan which finally lead to the fall of the terrorist group in the country.

US laws on terrorism: In order to combat the force of terror, the federal government has carried out major operations against the terrorist groups and has also framed various laws in order to stop the occurrence of terror activities in the country.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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