The role of National Training Awards in Terms of Improving Employee Development in the Current Political, Economic, Social and Technical Environment – Essay Example

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It included self-managed team working and dispersed line management. The maintained business accomplishment being relished by Thorn Lighting at Spennymoor is a strong indicator of the firm’s capability to build conditions for motivating and arranging individuals behind commercial objectives. In a competitive framework, nearly a decade has been utilized for maturation of such strategies (Oxtoby, McGuinness and Morgan, 2000).          NTA is helping the entrepreneurs how to invest in training. These entrepreneurs are cutting down the training expenses in the times of recession but on the other hand, some of them are continuing their training programs as they think that training will help them to regain their recovery expenses during recession.

NTA as well the entrepreneurs are of the opinion that it is very essential to keep on investing on skills and talents of employees and seek help from the government to build talent and encourage competitive potential. Thus, NTA has planned to launce a new program to identify the companies and voluntary institutions that have invested in training during recession. The entrepreneurs can participate in 2009 “Now is the Time” award which has been designed for survival and future growth of the organizations.

This award will not only advance and acclaim the organizations of the entrepreneurs but also permit NTA to know about the best possible functionalities and share their accomplishments with the rest of U. K. (Now is the time to win recognition for investment in training, 2009).          Participating into a training program not only improves an enterprise’s standard against the competitors but also provides a golden opportunity to win a prestigious National Training Awards. The plausible advantages of entering into awards are dual in nature.

Winning exposes an enterprise to huge marketing. It also lays emphasis on how training can help in meeting the business objectives (Training for Success, 2009). UK NTA winner of 2008, Andrew Clark of Nottinghamshire is more involved in commercial aspect of his life. According to him, the failure of achieving an award has taught him to identify the right and the wrong decisions in his business. He has participated five years back into NTA but in 2008 he has won an award. The four year of consecutive failure is more vital to him than this success.

Clark is a trained optometrist who has designed his training program for meeting his clients’ business demands. For this training program he has achieved NTA award in 2008.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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