Video games used in the education or as exercise – Essay Example

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Furthermore, they have to understand why they work. According to a recent research carried by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), up to seventy percent of most are currently utilizing interactive software and games in training their employees. Furthermore, the results of the study also showed that about 75% of businesses and non-profits are already offering video-based training in their plan in order to expand their usage for the next five years and ensure their survival in the competitive market. Over three quarter of which is currently offering this technology are likely to keep them in place for the next five years.

Some of the major uses of video-based training by major in America include: Customer service training IT training Management training Specific for specific job functions such as technicians. Seventy per cent of these training programs mainly tested employee knowledge and 55% included interactive role playing (Clark, 2009). In addition, the results of the study revealed that most employers who use video based training programs were actually satisfied with the results attained at the end of the training program. They further stated that some of the actual benefits of using the video based programs in training of the employees included: Reduction in the costs that would likely be accrued in terms of high employee turnover in the organization due to dissatisfaction with the working conditions and environment. Video-based training is faster and more efficient as compared to the past standard methods of training.

This means that less time is spent on training employees to improve their skills, which ensures improvement in the companies productivity. With video-based training, the training method is consistent across all the departments in the organization.

Unlike the standard methods of training which would require that a different training program is incorporated for each specific department in the organization in order to suit the needs of the employees. Video based training is fun in a way. This means that the employees are likely to be more willing to participate in the training program and actually learn something from the program. This further makes it easier for the program managers to easily measure the employee participation during the training. According to research, video based training is believed to improve retention of knowledge among the employees.

This is crucial as it will ascertain that there is no further need for training hence inevitably saving the organization the costs associated with carrying out further trainings in the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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