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Software mashups and applications are web pages and applications that basically integrate complementary elements from two or more sources. The technology involves aggregation and recombination which is pulling together data and information from different sources to create a new service. These services and technologies are normally developed using Ajax development approach (Margaret, 2006). This is an important service for business advertising and provision of information to the public in a more interactive and user friendly way. This service is characterised by more user-defined services and contents. Some of the websites that have been created from this technology include flash earth which is a zoom able mash up of both Google maps and Microsoft’s virtual Earth (Margaret, 2006). The technology has been effectively used in several businesses including management of rental and real estate properties.

This service has further created a platform where users can effectively interact together in the internet through social networks and online communities. The communication among users happens through the user defined ways and preference. With this technology and service businesses have effectively improved their online presence and marketing thus improving activities in the organization (Margaret, 2006). b) Wikis Wikis are collaborative websites where anybody who is among the community of users can edit or contribute to.

Wikis have several characteristics; they can be open to the global audience, restricted to a selected network or community of users. They can cover a specific subject area or topic. It also has a history function that allows one to restore previous versions. This service makes it very easy to search for information and data that is text or multimedia (OReilly, 2005). Wikis have been identified as the best tools and technology for businesses due to its effective sharing, provision and submission of information capabilities.

The technology has been used by the national Cyber Security Centre to provide interactive and real-time monitoring against cyber-attacks. The technology could be used effectively to provide an interactive platform for a business where users can post edit and manipulate data and information that could be substantially useful for the business and decision making. Additionally, the technology is more useful for group working due to its extreme flexibility, ease of use and open access capabilities (OReilly, 2005). c) Blogs A blog is a term that is used to refer to a personal website that has a chronology of entries.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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