Why have rape and violence against women increasingly been used as a weapon of war – Essay Example

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They go to the degree of assaulting the women so as to disappoint their foes throughout the war. In this way, they do it deliberately as a weapon of winning the war as a methodology. War is likewise recognized as far as reversal and the amount of hostages influenced and consequently everyone in the front line points and getting women as prisoners because they are vulnerable in the war. This demonstrates why nations that take part in the war majorly have a diminished women and young women population at the end.

In the whole organization of the human populace of a nation, the weaker gender is female which embody women and young girls, subsequently throughout the war they are assaulted with a point of having a simple around the contenders as they are effortlessly prevailed. Assault being utilized as a weapon as a part of the war, it has extra outcomes where maladies like HIV/AIDS has been joined with it which has slaughtered numerous women in the war time. This means no populace build consequently labor lessens which might be utilized within the war.

As key plan to beat the foes in the war women violation for true has been adjusted as a best technique (Shaw, 2003 pp 34). Most nations has overwhelmed in the combat zones by the utilization of dangers which point at women and young girls violation. They for the most part allude to assault as a weapon of war which undermines the whole ladies security on the planet. Policemen have additionally been utilizing violation and assault to alarm ladies in the battle areas and this makes them to flee leaving their territory to be attacked by the rivals.

Illustration in Sierra Leone where women escape their hereditary homes in the wake of being undermined by the fighters who enter their nation through the fringe. Numerous groups’ trepidation shielding their nation or enjoying war in view of the ladies partners who finally endure most influencing group advancement of a certain social order. They esteem the accepted standards a whole lot where cases like assault ought not at time jump out at the women of the group. This prevents them from taking part in war or draws out war, as they would prefer not to hazard their women from being abused throughout the war experiences.

It is leeway to the adversary nation to attack such a nation with individuals who do not partake in war to attack them without alert (Brownsmiller, 1997, pp 99). Rape is a verifiable condition that falls under the class of male-female connections. Thusly assault is a wrongdoing of force and savagery.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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