Women's Liberation Movement – Essay Example

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Women’s Liberation Movements s Outline I. II. Thesis ment III. Introduction IV. Social organizations V. Sexism VI. Birth control VII. Economic shifts VIII. Dress codes IX. Women role in the society X. Conclusion Abstract The plight of a woman reached its epic in early 1960s. Women suffered a lot, but most of their suffering was never taken seriously because of man’s contribution. They suffered their problems in silence until they realized that they could be equal to men, work like men and leisure similarly. The women were forced; especially the American women used all the possible means to liberate themselves during the time.

They needed to stand on the political throne, vote and receive votes just as the men and that Collins compared with the 2008 parliament. American women also got tired with the house slavery, as their chore was to rear children and keep houses while men get to work. The women also had the urge to work and earn income just like the men. In addition, economic situation in the 1960s offered them a lot for them in the job market. Life was not easy for women as men censored most of the things they did while no one, not even the legal system was on their side to defend their plights.

The women had no option, but to receive a just amicable way of pleading for their rights. However; the government was adamant, Washington never took the time to address their plight thus they were forced to come up with more aggressive moves. At this time, the American women find it hard to live without controlling their dressing mode as this was governed and evaluated by the society.

The women could not make their independent choices on their leisure activities, as travels, as well as they were not accepted in some modest places due to gender imbalances. They felt closed and enslaved that they opted for liberation measure. As Collins takes the comparison to today’s American woman has made a number of great steps, although all their expectation as equity is concerned have not been achieved. Thesis Statement Though, women are often despised, they have made a lot of progress and constantly struggled to liberate themselves from economic, political and social discrimination. Introduction Women liberation movements have immensely succeeded in many spheres of women life.

Collins has produced a book, which significantly describes the effect of gender and societal perception on it. She gives a detailed account after account of women from 1950s to 2008 to draw the distinction of the position of a woman in the different societies over the time.


Gail, C. (2009). When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women, from 1960 to the Present. Boston: Little Brown and Co. Boston.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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