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The event itself involves a night of club music and dance in the West Midlands area in which our company’s artistes will present to the participants their new style of musical art in a number of performances running for three hours of a night. The project organization scales the whole range of arrangements for a music event from venue arrangement, music preparation, invitations to security and logistics. 1.4 Background of the Event Club Nights is one of the events organized by Criminal Records for music lovers in the larger cities in the UK, predominantly in the South East.

The culture of Club Nights has been popular in London for a long time being a large city with countless traditional and contemporary forms of music being performed. However, in the past few years Criminal Records has introduced a new musical performance product targeting the new generation of youth in the City and beyond. The product is basically a new variety of music called ‘alternative music’ that includes a number of styles like rap, indie, rock, funk and others all expressed in a new unique way.

Club nights are organized and run by Criminal Records in London and other large cities on a weekly basis mostly during weekends. The company makes use of these events to market and popularize its new breed of alternative music artistes by giving them priority during performances in these events; however, other artistes are also invited from time to time with the aim of creating links and enriching the scenes. This particular event will take place in Brighton, which is in the West Midlands of the UK with groups of musicians and students being invited from nearby towns like Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

The event will basically be an extension of what has been happening in London and nearby cities for a while now, club nights of alternative music performances involving Criminal Records artistes and others. The event is the first strategic move at introduction of this form of entertainment culture in the West Midlands where it is yet to penetrate and open up a market for the company and its artistes. The West Midlands of the UK is one of the areas which have always been a bit conservative and in which pop culture has been slow at penetrating, however, the young generation find new art forms interesting and have been excited and receptive towards such new varieties in the recent past.

Criminal Records basically wants to utilize this good will to introduce club nights to this particular group. 1.5 Aims and Objectives of the Event The event had the following aims and objectives; 1) To provide a great entertainment experience for the attendees of the club night event.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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