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Australia's immigration policies
On the other hand, immigrants already in the country eat up the health and welfare funds of the government. Karen Middleton mentioned in her article (entitled Migrants more likely on welfare) about a government report (from Labor Government and Bureau of Immigration and defunct Population Research) mentioning that a “higher proportion of migrants receive age or invalid pensions, sickness benefits, and the dole than do people born in Australia” (McCormack 2003, para. 22). The government…
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Hamad International Airport which should have an annual capacity of twenty four million initially and fifty million after completion is planned to open in 2014. The Role of Foreign Labour in the Economy Out of the ten countries with the highest income per capita in the world, seven are Asia or the Middle East. These countries have a significant number of foreign migrant workers (FMWs) which contribute immensely to the growth of these economies. Much research has focused on the impact of foreign…
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These two places differ
They also talk about their everyday concerns on how to budget their resources and their worries of not being able to settle mortgages. Slang terms are also common and people are not very concern about decorum and propriety. c. Openness to stranger It is observed that people in Equinox fitness center are more guarded compared to those who are in 24 hours fitness gym. They are more reserved and seldomly talk to people that they do not know unless it is necessary. It does not mean however that…
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