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The vaginal group had longer catheter use, more urinary tract infections, more incontinence, decreased operative time, and lower hospital charge. Surgical effectiveness was optimal in 29% of the vaginal group and 58% of the abdominal group and was unsatisfactory leading to re-operation in 33% of the vaginal group and 16% of the abdominal group. The re-operations included procedures for recurrent incontinence in 12% of the vaginal and 2% of the abdominal groups. The relative risk of optimal…
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Investigate the use of Management Information Systems within the NHS in the United Kingdom and discuss the impact on managers and clinicians
The program has an easy to use Web-based access (InterSystems Corporation 2011, p2). The Web-based access has visual alerts that draw attention to the patient waiting times, and important care information like allergies and reports and dashboards for management insights. It offers easier access to results and test ordering; this includes PACS and radiology images and this reduces lost and unnecessary repetition of tests. It facilitates efficient use of resources, for instance, it offers…
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Leadership in Healthcare
Leadership in healthcare al Affiliation: Leadership action plan I am currently working on finalising my studies under healthcare where in future i intend to implement strategies that will make my services to patients effective enough. In the next two years, I plan to have my own institution where i will be the leader in order to manage it according to my own skills in leadership. I have volunteered to set time for training individuals who aspire to be healthcare professional so that they can be…
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Providing respite care to carers of people with dementia
This study aims to discuss the various types of respite care services available at the disposal of the caregivers and its impact, consequences and implications on their health and well-being. 1.1. Background of the problem: Dementia is a serious mental health problem associated with deterioration of the brain affecting over 700,000 million people in the UK. Statistics suggest that 1 in 100 people in the UK over the age of 65 suffer from dementia. There has been a rise in prevalence and…
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The effects of childhood obesity: Does childhood obesity presage adult obesity
However, Glaser (2007) clearly defined obesity as unhealthy condition, not a disease. According to him, when more extra calories are stored in fat cells overtime, especially kids who have taken in more calories become bigger. Therefore those who ate too much calories by with few or no active physical activities have great chance to gain weight or become obese. However, he argued that it cannot be denied that sometimes obesity runs in families. With this, Glaser exactly believed that there are…
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