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The objectives of the proposed dissertation are provided below: To study the impact of government structure on projects. To study the relationship between governmental project owners and contractors. To determine the most appropriate project management tools and techniques for use in Saudi Arabian governmental projects. To study and ascertain governmental criteria in Saudi Arabia with regard to awarding projects to companies. To provide appropriate recommendations for enhancement of project management activities in Saudi Arabia. 1.4 Project Scope and Exclusions Regardless of the size of the analysis, it is impossible to engage with a fully representative analysis.

As such, the project’s scope will be limited by the overall number of individuals within the government of Saudi Arabia that will be willing to assent to the use of their time and energy being utilized for such findings (Holmes, 2013). Accordingly, the scope of understanding will be directly impacted by the number of respondents. 1.5 Desired Outcomes: The primary desired outcome that the research will seek to bring about is engaging a more direct level of inference with respect to the manner through which project management is impeded within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Through such an understanding, it will be possible for the analysts and subject matter experts within the country and elsewhere to utilize the findings as a means of more effectively engaging project management in the future. This desired outcome necessarily gives way to an increased level of profitability, economic growth, and societal development within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 1.6 Constraints and assumptions A core constraint that must be considered is with regard to the fact that an innate and tacit level of bias will be provided with regard to the fact that the respondents are likely to have a predisposed level of bias towards the Saudi Government; due to the fact that they are employed by this entity.

In this way, adjusting for this level of potential and likely bias will reduce the overall scope that the research could otherwise hope to engage. 1.7 Project Tolerances As with any project, overall tolerances will be concentric upon time, cost, and scope. Naturally, scope has already been briefly referenced; however, scope will be concentric upon the subjects that have been denoted previously within the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Concerning time, the analysis will be conducted during a two month window during the Summer of 2014.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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