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Dual Energy CT and Dose Risks
In Japan, there are 91 scanners per million people (Coach, 2008). The recent developments in CT technology have made it possible to use Dual Energy Computed (DECT) in routine clinical radiology. The technique utilizes two-photon energy spectra to construct CT images and it was first described in the late 1970s (Millner et al, 1979). …
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Rabies (lyssavirus )
This constitutes almost 90% of all the transmissions of Rabies (lyssavirus) among both humans and animals. In America, there is another animal called the bat. This is another animal that transmits the disease through bites. Other animals that have a likely ability to transmit the disease are rodents like rats and mice, although in most cases, rodents are rare to be infected. Through the peripheral nerves, the virus travels to the brain. In most cases, the diagnosis of the disease begins when…
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