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6. In a 3T MRI system that has just been passively shimmed, the variation of the resonance frequency of a small spherical sample filled with water varies from 150 Hz to 300 Hz over the surface of a sphere of diameter 45cm. What is this variation in parts per million (ppm)? Is such a variation reasonable? Since 1ppm in a 1T MRI system is approximately 42.57 MHz/T 3T system = 127.7 Hz Variation at 150 Hz is 150/127.7= 1.17ppm Variation at 300 Hz is 300/127.7= 2.35ppm Therefore, the variation is…
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MRES 7005 _Fast Imaging Techniques (EPI >Echo planar Imaging)
EPI compared to conventional fast imaging methods: EPI uses the Blip EP method of phase encoding where each phase blip between echoes causes a shift in k-space line. Each k-space line is contributed by the gradient refocused echo and is either read positively or negatively through the gradient change. The quickly switching gradients that produce the echo train are responsible for the odd and even echoes. When the lines are read, the reversed read lines are reordered before constructing the…
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Are There Any Geological Analogues for Current Climate Change
The paper "Are There Any Geological Analogues for Current Climate Change?" is an outstanding example of an essay on environmental studies. Hyperthermal events lead to a complete alteration of different weather patterns which influenced a lot in the distribution of the animals across the world (Seki, 2010).…
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