Adolf Hitler and the World war – Research Paper Example

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Superiority Superiority can be defined in several ways (Morris 306). Superiority can be in the area of intelligence. Hitler espoused that the German race is intellectually superior to the Jewish race. Likewise, superiority could be in the area of strength. The average German individual could be physically stronger than the average Jewish person. Superiority is described comparing communicated information. For example, races using the advent of information technology have more advantages over races using the older non-internet based information gathering (Welch 1). Non circulation Reference books University of Pennsylvania insists that the German soldiers and the German population were mesmerized by Adolf Hitler’s strong drive to kill the Jews (University_ofPensylvania 295).

The people love to obey the instructions of the leaders of the group. In the German participation in World War II, the soldiers were pulled into implementing Adolf Hitler’s instructions of mass murdering the Jews. Adolf Hitler espoused the concept where the Aryan (German) race must do its duty to control and reduce the Jewish race.

The Adolf Hitler policy is false under its own social responsibility principles. Further, Hitler felt that his growing up contributed a significant share to preserving the Aryan (proud) race (Hanfstaengl 22). During his formative years, Adolf Hitler met his future wife, Eva Braun. Hitler’s war policies completely changed the European Jews’ way of life. many significant changes. Adolf Hitler was studying arts in Europe in order to enhance his painting exhibition skills.

Back in Germany, the Fuhrer would tinker with the creation of his own political party. The party would be named the Nazi Party (Hanfstaengl 22). Printed collections of letters, diaries or papers (primary sources) Further, Adolf Hitler wrote the lovely article entitled, On National Socialism and World Relations (Hitler 1), to promote his social reform and world relations agenda. The same agenda aims to instill in the minds of the German leaders that they must not soil their proud Aryan race with marriage mixes to non-Aryan husbands.

The marriage between the German spouse and the spouse belonging to non-German origin was classified as unfavorable because the children will have diluted German blood running through their brains. German Invasion of Russia Additionally, Hitler mentioned in his article, The Führer to the German People: 22 June 1941, Adolf Hitler espoused the importance of Russia (Hitler 1).

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