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In addition, the ACA protects the American workers by ensuring that they do not suffer isolation during the period of sickness. In return, the act forbids health insurance companies from terminating any American from their benefits in the event when one is sick or when one genuinely makes an error during the registration process (CCH Incorporated & Wolters Kluwer (Firm), 2010). The Affordable Care Act remains as an achievement since for decades, the Democrats and the Republicans have strained to come up with a new regulation to streamline the health sector in America (Derksen, 2013).

Unlike every other president’s election promise on revamping the health sector not coming into effect, the Obama administration succeeds in doing so. In addition, the Affordable Care Act has answered the nagging question as to why the American state needed a Health Care Reform. It comes as a welcome for many citizens have languished for lack of health protection mechanisms or none at all (Chang & Davis, 2013). Take for example, in the former United States; years before this act came into effect, health care remained a profit-making scheme left for the private sector to mint millions of the struggling American citizens.

This was against the international labor laws. To mitigate this and create the field of affordability, the bill came as a sigh of relief. This is because under the privately controlled mechanisms, the prices faced stringent and calculated strategies, a practice which surfaced as being unfair to the Americans (Chang & Davis, 2013). How could the Americans work in a 24 hour running economy and yet accessing quality health was a challenge?

The stratification, which accorded only then able to access quality health care insurance policy came to an untimely end as citizens of this great nation got a platform for every folk to benefit. This was again in the labor laws provisions for citizens, who before could not access quality health services but only through emergency rooms or attend to Medicare or Medicaid, as every worker got an assurance for his or her health policy. In an economy like the one of the United States of America, the labor quarter needed the health sector up there to attend to the needs of its people, and this is what ACA provided Barnett & Burrus, 2013).

The new law just made health insurance policy a dream come true by widening the coverage margins to so many Americans as well as easing the difficulties of life by making it more and more within everybody’s means.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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