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Through this works, it revealed how they survived and lived during those times. Artworks during this time were mostly influenced by the society’s nature and environment, where people sketches animals, sun, moon and others in their arts. Famous artworks include Lascaux Cave Paintings, and The Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England (Seth). Religion and societal belief to Gods and Goddesses are the greatest influential factors during the Classical Period in 500BC to 500AD. The mode of art is highly diversified at this time where sculpture and architecture flourished. Medieval period is also greatly influenced by religion, specifically the Catholic Church that made an impact to the society.

Most of the artworks are focused on the Christian religious themes. Stories from the bible became famous subjects in the paintings. Catholic churches also had these arts painted along their walls and ceilings. Paintings of Andrew Duccion di Buonins “The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew”, and “Christ on the Mount of Olives Master of Trebon Altarpiece” are artworks in this period that reflects the effect of religion during this period (Seth). The Renaissance period is greatly influenced by the major changes in Europe.

The paintings at this time were more focused on man. Realism flourished at this period where artists are challenged with the perfect figures and symmetry of the human form. It is during this time where pronounced art virtuosos became famous. This includes Michelangelo and the famous Leonardo da Vincci. The famous art work of Michelangelo “The Creation of Adam” and sculpture “David” magnifies the symmetry of human form as the vital subjects during this period. Botecelli’s “Primavera” is considered as more than a representation of human nude.

The measured elegance, unemotional facades and restrained movements speaks of the ideal and virtuous wife material as a standard during this period (Munstenberg). Following the Renaissance period is the Baroque and Rococo. At this time, social concerns are focused on the competition between Protestants and Catholics. Religion is still one of the greatest factors influencing their art. Education, trade and commercialism also flourished at this time where artists developed higher techniques in art such as better color combinations, foreshadowing, foreshortening and captivation of movements. The society became progressive at this time.

This was reflected in the art such that subjects in the paintings showcase noble people in the higher status of life where they display their wealth.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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