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Business Practices in the Area of Employment Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Company Overview 4 HR Planning & Recruiting 5 Selection Devices 8 Interviewing 11 13 Job analysis 16 Conclusion 17 References 18 Executive Summary Human Resource (HR) planning and recruitment is regarded as one of the decisive functions of different organizations or firms that facilitates them to attain their expected business targets. With this regard, the paper would concentrate upon describing the current HR policies, recruitment along with selection procedure as well as the interviewing pattern of Ernst & Young. It can be observed that the company uses both external as well as internal method of recruitment in order to track its potential candidates.

Moreover the company also conducts an effective selection process that ensures them to selection best as well as appropriate set of workforce within the company. Finally, it would be further examined the effectiveness of job analysis that conduct by the company with the intention of evaluating the present working culture of the company on a long-term basis. Company Overview Ernst & Young is regarded as the biggest professional service companies throughout the globe.

The company has been involved in delivering various professional services that include assurance, tax advisory and transaction related services. In the year 2010, Forbes magazine ranked the company as the 9th biggest privately held company especially in the United States. Relating to the history of the company, it has been apparently observed that the company is the result of a sequence of mergers that ultimately assisted to deliver quality services to its valuable customers. The different approaches that made by the company made it possible to increase its business reputation, market share and productivity by a greater degree.

In this regard, the approaches comprise introducing as well as implementing pioneering technological advancements and making substantial investments among others (Open Secrets, n.d. ).The company possesses nearly 1, 67,000 people working in its different business locations across the globe who delivers quality services to the customers (Ernst & Young, n.d. ). This paper intends to describe and critically analyze various aspects such as HR planning as well as recruiting, interviewing and testing practices of Ernst and Young.

HR Planning & Recruiting The operational performances of a particular organization extensively depend upon the employees working surrounding the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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