The CIA created Osama bin Laden – Research Paper Example

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In short, America has direct and indirect responsibility in the making of Osama as a terrorist. This paper analyses America’s role in the making of Osama as a terrorist. After the completion of the schooling from Al Thanger model school, and graduation in economics and business administration from King Abdul Aziz University, Osama Bin Laden has taken a civil engineering degree. He was a hard working person during his earlier tenure as a professional, even though he was never ready to dilute his religious beliefs. He was interested in interpreting the teachings of Quran and Jihad during his early life in Saudi Arabia.

Religious fundamentalism is often cited as the reason behind the making of Osama from a normal person to the most wanted terrorists in the world. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia is a country which is famous for religious fundamentalism. Even though the world has advanced a lot in terms of religious beliefs, Saudi society is still adamant as far as religious beliefs are concerned. They consider anything against the religion as an unpardonable offense.

In fact many of the Saudi people believe that the killing of enemies of religion is a sacred act. Obama’s development as a criminal or terrorists should be considered under the above circumstances. According to Osama Bin Laden, “Jihad gives licence to indulge in all sorts of aggravated sins”(Laden and Berner, 2006, p. 13). Osama was successful in giving different interpretations to the word Jihad. He empowered the public that jihad is the licence given to Muslims by God or Allah to fight against all kinds of evil acts.

In his opinion, the major reason for the struggles suffered by Muslim people at different parts of the world was the activities of evil forces. He started to view all the political activities and religious clashes happening at different parts of the world against Islam as convincing reasons for conducting jihad. America has used this attitude of Osama against nonbelievers cleverly. It is often said that bin Laden was funded by the CIA. Report in British newspaper, The Guardian states: "In 1986 the CIA even helped him [bin Ladin] build an underground camp at Khost [Afghanistan] where he was to train recruits from across the Islamic world in the revolutionary art of jihad" (Bin laden links to the CIA).

America has played the religious cards very well to make Osama hard core terrorist. America has given armoury and enough training to Osama in his fight against Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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