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Comparative Study of and Local Governments Comparative Study of and Local Governments Introduction In the American democracy, different states have different and exclusive ways of conducting and running daily businesses. This occurs due to differences in ideology that exist between the people responsible for implementing related laws. For instance, new governors in states and governments come up with their own reforms that are biased to fit their leadership styles. This paper will give distinguishing features that bring out a difference in running of the states and governments. This paper seeks to answer the question: Do the governments of various states offer residents quality services based on their distinctive features? Government of California The Californian government differs from other governments in a number of ways - from the laws to how it offers its services to its residents.

It possesses one of the longest constitutions in the history of the world, caused by construed individual provisional rights that have been made broader than any other bill of rights. These rights help protect individual against oppression and illegal practices in relation to securing their life and rights of living.

The law extrapolates on how every citizen is dealt with in any case of any happening or occurrence. The difference is also triggered by execution of three branches of governance which are: the executive, the legislative and the judicial branch. The California government differs from other states and governments in that it has an institution, even though not stipulated in the constitution but plays a major role in implementing laws. The institution comprises of the governor, assembly speaker, assembly minority leader, president of the senate and senate minority leader.

The big five meet in private closed meetings to discuss pending bills in the formal legislature since it is an informal institution. California’s direct democracy system is approached with high aggressiveness contrary to all other states. It gives the population free will of giving their unprecedented opinions collectively in choosing good governance rather than electing representatives. Its gives the people pure and preferred choice in passing executive motions, conducting trials, making laws, election of officials and dismissing errant officials. The Californian system of direct democracy has positive effects on the government, in that it protects grievances of the people majorly done by them.

This type of government gives audience to all its residents and deals with each of their problems.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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