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o develop creative solutions to a brief including analysis of effectiveness and Section # of Table of Contents 1. Brief Introduction to the Hotel Industry 3 2. Executive Summary 3 3. Factors of Downfall 5 4. Financial Drivers 9 5. Analysis and Recommendations 9 6. Conclusion 12 7. Bibliography 14 BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO HOTEL INDUSTRY A hotel is a place other than your house, where people find food and shelter.

People are generally allocated a room that is their area for the time that they stay. The beauty of this industry is that along with tourism, it combines a number of professions in it (Walker, 2007), making it good for the economy and for employment. People stay in hotels because they are far away from their home, or they are living in a country, that is not their home country. When a person thinks about a hotel, it can conjure up exciting images.

Hotels are often thought to be busy areas filled with people all around the world, especially business people and celebrities in order to pass their holidays or meetings (Bardi, 2003). The industry hires large number of skilled, unskilled and semi skilled workers to work, and because their work is to provide service, they need to teach some essential points to unskilled labors before hiring (Tanke, 2000). Adventurous people, when travelling, often need luxurious places to pass their traveling times. Because of the in comfort desired by people while traveling, hotel owners and designers tried to make places where people could come and rest without stress.

As a consequence they made hotels for the betterment of people traveling from other countries for various purposes (Andrews, 2007). Hotels today are often called “home away from home” and people can stay in them for many different lengths of time, from a few days to many months. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hotel America is a mid-sized hotel chain which is one of the top ten hotel chains of America. During the last quarter of 2001, this hotel started to experience a decline in occupancy rate.

There are certain factors attached with this decline. It is not just the case of this particular hotel chain. Rather, all the hotel industry is on a decline. The executive leadership hopes to improve the occupancy rate and this report was prepared to analyze the data available and devise the strategies to help the management. An analysis of the data found that there were certain internal factors as well as external factors that contributed to this downturn.


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