Drugs in teenagers – Research Paper Example

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This research paper deals with matter of the influence of drugs among the teenagers. The brief summary proves that drug addiction affect the growth and development of teenagers in general. The next section proves that drug addiction can be prevented by the help of family oriented programs, school oriented programs and community oriented programs. In addition, scientific ways to confirm drug addiction are essential to provide effective treatment to the needy. Prescription medicine abuse must be considered seriously because it leads to drug addiction in future. Furthermore, combination of different types of treatment methods can save the teenagers from the clutches of drug addiction and related problems.

Drugs in teenagers The effect of drugs in teenagers is long-lasting because it leads to addiction and related problems. From a different angle of view, peer-group influence, interest in adventure, family background, and socio-economic status are some of the factors that leads the teenagers towards the clutches of drugs. The influence of drugs create imbalance in one’s mental equilibrium and affect one’s decision making capacity.

Teenagers become easy preys to drugs because decision making capacity in teen age is not so strong. The influence of drugs in teenagers must be considered as an imminent threat to the society as a whole because it limits the teenagers from growing to productive and able citizens in future. When teenagers face the problem of drug addiction, the future scope of prosperity is limited to an extent. Besides, the influence of drugs among the teenagers cannot be limited to any national boundary because drug abuse/addiction is an international problem.

Thesis statement: The influence of drugs (drug abuse/drug addiction) among the teenagers can be prevented with the help of drug tests and related treatment methods but prescription medicine abuse is an imminent threat to teenagers. Brief summary: Drugs in teenagers The influence of drugs in teenagers must be considered as an important problem because it leads to drug abuse and drug addiction in future. Dillon (2011), states that “We need to acknowledge that many young people will drink alcohol at some time during their adolescence and some may experiment with one or more illegal drugs” (p. 7).

Nowadays, legal drugs like cigarette, alcohol and illegal drugs like marijuana, meth etc is available to all. Within this context, one can easily identify that unrestricted usage of legal drugs during teenage leads to drug abuse and drug addiction in future.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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