The Effect of Unisex School – Research Paper Example

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Single sex education fails to nurture the abilities of a child completely. In nearly all the fields of life students from single sex education institutes are found lacking behind those who have their education in coeducation institutes. Scholars argue that since science has shown that the brains of men and women develop differently, therefore they must be taught separately so that different ways and techniques can be implemented which are most suitable for them. It is believed that unisex has a wide scope of positive impacts that coeducation. The individual grades are achieved far well in unisex than in coeducation and the merit of students’ increases when they are taught in separate classes according to their gender.

But these scholars fail to mention some very important points. There are a lot of factors which should be considered before deciding which school is best for your child. Before taking the decision, parents are required to first understand the nature of their child as well as the way he or she is raised. But at the end of the day you have you decide which form of education will be the best for your child. It is believed that in a unisex school a child can learn and study a lot more comfortably because he or she would not be self conscious and will not be preoccupied by the opposite sex.

It is also believed that boys and girls have different ways of responding to various situations. Therefore it is believed that a more gender specific curriculum would be the best for their child. Single sex education system has a lot more disadvantages than its advantages.

Some of them are discussed below in detail. Very few educators and teachers are actually having the professional knowledge of gender specific teaching techniques that are required for unisex schools. So if your child is studying in a unisex school and his or her teacher is not completely trained for imparting such sort of education, then instead of being beneficial it will have an adverse effect of your child and his or her academic career. Surely parents would not want such thing to happen to their child. The learning techniques and patterns which are used in unisex education are limited.

They only target those areas in which they have full command. They only make use of those teaching procedures where they are strong. This will turn out to be extremely harmful for the student as those areas in which they are weak will not be considered and due to lack of attention on weak areas the student will remain weak in them for the rest of his or her life.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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