The Effects of Cocaine on Behavior – Research Paper Example

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The drug takes its effects on various parts of the body and can lead to medical conditions that put the individual’s life in jeopardy (Yaffe, Briggs & Freeman, 2008). Short Term Effects of Cocaine on Its Users Tooth grinding – this can be classified as an involuntary reaction, and the individual does not even realize that they are doing it most of the time. This occurs during the time that the individual experiencing the sense of euphoria and can be sued as a means of identifying whether a person has taken the drug or not.

It should be noted that this side effect is not present in all users and thus cannot be determined as a major means of recognition of people who are taking the drug. This tooth grinding is referred to as bruxism and lead to the deterioration of the enamel resulting in gingivitis (Yaffe, Briggs & Freeman, 2008). Increased temperature – This is a more popular side effect in comparison to tooth grinding. Many individuals begin to feel like it is unbearably hot and are prompted to take off the clothes they are wearing in a bid to cool off (Yaffe, Briggs & Freeman, 2008).

Some individual may be tempted to take cold showers/baths when this happens which can actually be dangerous as it is not advisable for one to be around slippery and wet surfaces when they are not in full control of their faculties since they may slip and fall, hitting their head in the process which can be deadly. The increased temperature is due to a heightened metabolism rate in an individual who has taken the drug resulting in the release of energy in the form of heat from the body (David, 2005) Paranoia – An individual who is high on cocaine may also become extremely paranoid of their surroundings as the drugs take effect.

This effect can be recognized by the development of a highly suspicious nature by the individual leading him to extremes. It can be literally hiding from imaginary enemies that they are convinced are after them despite the number of reassurances they are given: they doubt other individuals’ motives despite the relationship they have with that person.

Paranoia can be observed in simple things like refusing to answer the door in the fear that it may be a trap despite recognizing the voice that is calling out to them. Anxiety and restlessness – This is also another popular effect of cocaine users when they are high on the drug. This is as a result of increased alertness in the individual after taking the drug (Yaffe, Briggs & Freeman, 2008). The user suddenly becomes aware of everything that is happening around them due to heightened senses, and this may cause them to be unable to relax.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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