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Feasibility Analysis of the EcoFitness Services and Products Feasibility EcoFitness will be a company, which will offer fitness facilities throughout the United States. The products will be appealingly elegant, attractively comfortable and high-end quality to meet the demands of our clients. The mission of the company is to increase environmental awareness in this industry by advising and guiding gymnasium owners on how to transition into being more environmentally friendly. The company intends to launch fitness centers in major cities in USA. This will be in line with the company’s short term goals of achieving a presence in major states in the United States.

The fitness centers will be noticeably labeled to make it easily recognizable (Goldsby, Kuratko and Bishop, p. 84). Then, the company will regularly market its products through the person selling, social media, company website and franchise marketing make the public aware of its presence. Besides body fitness services, the company has created different products that will emphasize on energy and water usage. The idea behind this product is to make the machines create their own energy source by ways of human interaction.

This will be attained by attaching the alternator to the machines; therefore, as the individuals run on the machine, the spinning motion powers the alternator which finishes by powering a battery that fuels the machine’s energy source (Goldsby, Kuratko and Bishop, p. 87). As the company expands, they plan on bringing in industry leaders and experts into their company. The company will establish a cooperative relationship for high-end and meticulous products from the main manufacturing firms. To satisfy the customers, the company is able to ship products in various parts of the world.

Additionally, there are no charges for handling products and the services will be filled once they are placed. The company strives to keep the clients satisfied. The company will strive to achieve profit maximization, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, long term growth, achieve sustainable brand awareness and reputation. Customer will be treated as the biggest asset in the business operations hence will always be at the center of the marketer and company’s thinking and planning process (Parnell, p. 316). The company will use economy approach, in which economies of scale are leveraged to bring the cheapest apparel to market and compete on cost alone as well as the mid-market approach where the brand allure and product quality are combined with economies of scale and labor efficiencies in order to keep prices in an affordable range for middle-class consumers.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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