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of the of the of the INTRODUCTION TO GIS (Geographic Information System) INFORAMTION SYSTEMS Computer software that takes raw data as input, process information and output useful information in line with the usability requirements of the stakeholders is referred to as an information system. Information systems are often termed as a means of acting as an intermediary between the output processes and backend computer systems. Specific information systems are often designed for specific information processing. For example a payroll system may be embedded in a business environment that would take care of all the pay generation requirements of the business.

This computerized system would ease the timely calculation of the organization’s payroll and with very little chance of any errors in those calculations. If witnessed on a larger scale, there is a number of information handling requirements of organizations. Every organizational level within a business needs certain information in order to execute the set of processes at that level. Managers at the higher management level need to make decisions for which they need results of reports and data analysis. This enables them to successfully embed the processed information into their decision making procedures.

Likewise, managers at the middle managerial level would need more simplified information that would enable them to keep an eye over the day to day ongoing business activities. Thus, it may well be said that the execution of a full day of business processes running within an organization requires the operating of a number of information systems simultaneously each of which would cater to the specific requirements at each organizational level. Following is a narration of a specific type of information systems termed as the Geographical Information Systems.

The narration has been done in first person. GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) My name is Geographical Information System. I am a perfect example of practically implemented Information systems. WHY AM I IMPORTANT (WHY IS A GIS IMPORTANT? ) The geography of land on which human beings live is of immense importance to them. Ever since the ancient times of the human society these living beings have looked up locations of areas to analyze the possibility of presence of prey in that particular area.

The early hunters based their living on moving from one location to the other. Geographical importance of land and the details of its terrain have been of integral importance to man since centuries ago.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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