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Farmers began using tractors rather than bulls, horses or donkeys. The concentration of carbon oxides in the atmosphere increased at a constant rate. No one still evaluated the impact of using fossil fuel resources. The energy use in urban localities is ever increasing. On the other hand, with the increase in population size, the requirement for the energy further increased and demand fro industrial goods also increased. The energy requirement of the world increased 10 times in just 21 years. The scale shows the demand of energy will further increase in upcoming years. Now everyone has a car in some high socioeconomic urban regions.

In some cities of U. S numbers of cars are approximately equal to the number of persons in the region. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the past 30 years increased 80% more than in the past 800 years. On the other hand, deforestation also contributed in increasing the concentration of the carbon dioxide. Wood from the forest is utilized in the construction of homes, boats, furniture and for other human luxuries. Green house emissions include sulfur oxide emission, carbon oxides emission, nitrogen oxides emissions and methane emissions.

The immense usage of fossil fuel resources breached the healthy level of green house gases in the atmosphere. The increased concentration of green house gases in the environment has raised the temperature of the planet. The more the concentration of the green house gases in the atmosphere, the warmer the atmosphere will be, as solar radiations remain trapped and unable to escape increasing the temperature of the planet. The temperature of the earth is constantly increasing and this phenomenon is referred as “Global Warming”. Technology altered the way one thinks about the earth.

On 8th, August 1975, Wallace S. Broecker, an American scientist used the word “Global warming” and discussed it many time after his publication (Discovery. yukozimo. com). He described the harsh impacts of using fossil fuel resources and what these sources are doing to our environment (Discovery. yukozimo. com). Scientist evaluated that the average temperature of the earth increased 1oC. In some regions the increase in temperature is more than 1oC and in some regions the increase in temperature is less than 1oC.

1oC can be considered a fraction of increase in temperature of warm climate but 1oC is a pity big figure for the temperature sensitive regions like Atlantic glaciers and mountainous glaciers.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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