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The websites mainly considered for data collected had to end with ‘. org’ or ‘. edu’ or ‘. gov’ or ‘. uk’ or ‘. net’ and the keyword Apple Inc. was used for the search. Websites that end with ‘. com’ were mostly neglected unless it was a website for a business or well known and credible websites such as newspapers, yahoo. The search was further narrowed down to using words such as ‘business structure, ’ ‘business culture, ’ ‘leadership’ and ‘employees. ’ Results Leadership of CEO There are people that suggest Apple cannot succeed without their former CEO, Steve Jobs and his character plays an imperative role in his success.

As a CEO of such a big company, Steve must be good at interacting with people and like to interact with people. Steve has a great personality always turning thoughts into practical concepts, which makes him action oriented. He gains energy from interaction, which is a crucial trait of a leader. His successor Tim Cooks seems to be taking in the footsteps of Steve Jobs. Although, his approach might be different, he has enabled the company maintains its legacy of high performance since he took over.

Leadership is the ability to influence a group towards the realization of certain set objectives, and Cook shows such skills. He has dexterously managed the iPod and iPhone product lines that are giving the company huge profits. Cook is termed as a workaholic always prioritizing his privacy. His close associates describe him as a thoughtful data drive executive with good listening skills and somehow charismatic. It makes him as a source of inspiration to his employees and the outcome is that meaningful work is done, therefore, huge returns for the business.

Cook has a methodical, no-nonsense leadership style which takes a personal initiative to oversee every essential matter concerning the company’s products. However, it does not get in the way of making important decisions. He has also been able to delegate duties that make running of the organization simpler. Cook is also trying to improve the social aspect of the company by ensuring transparency in the operations of the company. It will attract collaboration with shareholders and employees, therefore, promoting the growth of the company.

The leadership of Tim Cook promises a prosperous future and many returns for Apple Inc. (Gupta). Employee Structure Employees are usually the driving force of success of an organization. Therefore, employees that are having positive attitudes and receive satisfaction from their jobs will be much productive.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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