How does a National Catatrophe Such as the Japan Earthquake effect the World – Research Paper Example

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Little substantiation of his points of view is given in the article, but as an overview of possibilities it does have some merit. While it does represent the subjective opinions of one analyst, the article does provide some points of departure for a review of this catastrophe’s effects on the world. Suzuki, D. (2011) “Japan’s crisis is another reason to look at energy use” from website: David Suzuki Blog available at http: //www. davidsuzuki. org/blogs/science-matters/2011/03/japans-crisis-is-another-reason-to-look-at-energy-use/? gclid=Clrd-cTUkqoCFYJtAodAjSRwg Accessed July 22, 2011 Suzuki is a Canadian writer who argues for the use of cleaner and less destructive forms of energy from an ecological point of view.

His thesis is that the Japanese crisis should be motivation for world governments to avoid fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources. The Associated Press (2011) “Japan’s earthquake and tsunami effects on Crude Oil prices” Copyright 2011: The Associated Press available at http: //www. trivester. com/new/japan-B9-earthquake/affects-oil-prices/ Accessed July 24, 2011 A business report relating statistics regarding the immediate changes to world crude oil prices immediately in the aftermath f the disaster. Reliable and accepted source material for factual financial statistics can be got on the Associated Press website generally. Treyens, C.

(2011) “The Earthquake-Groundwater Connection” – statement issued by the American Geological Institute (not yet published – available online at Texas Association of Professional Geoscientists website: http: //tapg. wordpress. com/2011/05/15/earthquake-in-japan-affects-groundwater-worldwide/) Accessed July 17, 2011 This website provides scientific, geological perspectives and gives some information about the worldwide geological consequences of the earthquake – particularly how it was “felt” as far away as in the US mainland. The Guardian Newspaper Nalepa, N. (2011) “World Wide Effects of Japan Disaster – Supply of Japanese Cars and Trucks May Slow” in The Guardian (London) 15 March 2011 p. m.

The Guardian is a reputable British newspaper, and this report is an example of the speculation which occurred in world media immediately after the earthquake. Similar points are raised to those in the Szczesny article in Time magazine but a more generalized view is taken. USA Today Magazine Strauss, G., Snider, M. & Krantz, M. (2011) “Devastation in Japan Could Affect Economies Worldwide” USA TODAY March 2011 USA Today provides a comprehensive and thorough article from a reputable publication which speculates with impeccable reasoning that the effects of the disaster may be profound, but also suggests that they will be short-lived.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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