Impact of tourism in Monaco, MC – Research Paper Example

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Now, tourism and banking are the two major sources of income for the state, and any decisions that the state makes need to carefully take into account their effects on the tourism industry. In addition, there are specific effects that the form of tourism in Monaco has on the people and the community. Gambling is often associated with crime and prostitution, even in expensive casinos, such as those in Monaco. 6 Research Design 7 Problem Statement 7 Tourism in Monaco is a booming industry that is the focus of much of the activities of the state for more than 100 years.

While there is significant evidence in the literature of the impact that the industry has had on the state as a whole, such as increasing economic output, allowing the state to be self-sustainable, the creation of many jobs, and a high standard of living. There have also been negative effects, such as tourism aiding in the spread of an invasive species, the financial reliance that the state has on tourism, and the potential alienation of citizens that are not part of the tourism industry. There has not been much discussion in the literature about the reaction of citizens to the industry, whether they feel it is invasive, what role it plays in their lives, in their day to day decisions and what effect they perceive it has on their state.

Surveys will be used to collect data, as they produce represent the different types of citizens equally 7 The aim of this research is: 7 To determine how residents perceive the tourism industry. Do they see it as a good thing for the state or do they consider there are better alternatives? 7 To determine how residents feel about the presence of the large amount of tourists almost constantly in their state 7 To determine what proportion of residents are involved in the tourism industry 7 Methodology 8 To address these aims, research will be undertaken using a combination of telephone surveys and written questionnaires aimed at residents both within and exterior to the tourism industry.

Residents will be chosen at random from telephone and address directories, and contacted for inclusion in the study. Written questionnaires will be sent to several hundred households in order to ensure that there is enough data to analyze, as the return rate for written questionnaires is often low.

As low questionnaire return rate has been associated with respondents having little time, the questionnaire will be kept below ten questions with short answers. Copies in French (the official language) and in English will be given.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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