Kill Anything That Moves The Real American War in Vietnam – Research Paper Example

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The author says that, “some had little remorse and one of the interrogators told me that the actions were merely standard operating procedure”. The inspector general of the United States defended the Vietnamese people by saying, “Vietnamese victims were innocent civilians loyal to the republican of Vietnam”. No action was taken even after the release of such strong evidence. Many of the interviews the author had with the farmers, they explained that the war involved the U S marines and not the soldiers (pg. 45). In the first chapter, “AN OPERATION, NOT AN ABERATION” the chapter is very wide and goes through a series of happenings at the Southeast Asia where there was a massacre that had taken place called My Lai.

There had been so many things that had happened between the U S and the Vietnams. The two countries had been involved in a civil war that had led to the mass killings of people on both sides but the most affected people were the Vietnamese since they had lost many lives as compared to the Vietnamese. The brutality was so much that even the author tries to explain the brutality, “An officer snatched a woman by the hair furthermore, shot herpoint- blank with a pistol.

In another case a woman holding a child was shot and the baby she was holding fell and as the child hit the ground the GI released on the child with his M-16 mechanical rifle” (pg. 3. This was the situation in My Lai. The united states do not admit that the war was based on the revolution where the Vietnamese people were fighting in order to protect their families (pp.

1-46). The massacre at Trieu Ai was also bad news to the people of Vietnamese. It all began in a way that most of the people do not understand up to the date today. It began on 21st October, 1967 when members of company B. in a patrol of a marine and a battalion. One of the marines was killed and three others were injured. A meeting was held by the marine’s leaders and they came to an agreement and Lieutenant Bailey went back with the conclusion they come up with.

There had been a Booby trap and they had to act towards it. Lieutenant Bailey had also succumbed minor injuries and the message he had for the people after the Platoon was killed is that, “they would kill everyone in the Ville and burn it down. Trieu Ai was a farming village where the people of this village involved themselves in farming activities. They reared cows and chicken and also did faring of cassava and sweet potatoes. The younger men and the boys who were in the camps were restricted to stay in the camps whereas the other people went to get their belongings back home.


Nick Turse, (2013). Kill Anything That Moves the Real American War in Vietnam. New York:

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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