Marketing report of a specific product and specific target segment. ->Mens skincare manufacturers (face wash; NIVEA), **based on australia market only – Research Paper Example

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The Australian cosmetic and toiletry industry is expected to grow and will present good opportunities to suppliers primarily from the United States who deal in color cosmetics, hair care and beauty products. Competitors Some of the cosmetics and beauty products companies in Australia include Artav Australia and Biocare Products. Artav Australia is a respected supplier and manufacturer of professional beauty and hair care products. The corporation has existed for over fifty years and has immense capacity and experience that suits a variety of customer tastes and needs. Some of its products and service categories include color cosmetics, hair consumer brands, men’s grooming products, and skin care face and salon products (Peter& Olson, 2005).

Nivea brand is named after a Latin word Nivius, which means snow white. Branding Nivea is meant to appeal visually to its target customers by the world famous white and blue colors combinations. The white color is meant to imply inner purity and external cleanliness, the blue color implies loyalty, friendship, harmony and sympathy while the combination of blue and white is ideal for an appealing brand (Eliashberg& Lilien, 2003).

Biocare Products is a family owned business in Australia, which specializes in the production of and packaging of high quality personal care products that cover skin, body and hair care and private cosmetic labels. Its products and service categories include skincare, hair care, skin care face and private labels (Zatwarnicki & Mathis, 2010). Classification of Nivea products packaging, branding and labeling Nivea products are classified into many categories that include bath care, body care, deodorants, face care, lip care, men care, Nivea cream, sun care and Nivea jelly among others.

The labeling of Nivea is meant to successfully to project the product image of purity and quality. It also presents a technical challenge because Nivea’s clear label has to provide extreme clarity even long after the consumer has finished using the product. Nivea’s labeling makes it very competitive when compared to other products about the shelf impact it makes. Labeling of Nivea is one of the strategies that the corporation uses to retain its prime position. Nivea being a universal brand, its labeling is a key ingredient in conveying the true trust and image associated with the brand.

To safeguard the brand’s position Beiersdorf had to use a high-speed application in labeling through a material that meets its needs in full, offer enough comfort ability in a unique shaped bottle while projecting the right brand image of Nivea (Zatwarnicki, et, al 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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