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Unlike his predecessors, Pope Paul VI chose a low profile installation to papacy, rather than the elaborate coronations that his predecessors went through. Briefly, those are the main highlights in the life of Pope Paul VI, prior to his election as pope. In his first message to the world after being elected pope, Paul VI expressed his desire and his wish to continue the work began by his predecessor Pope John XXIII. And true to his words, Pope Paul XXIII continued the work begun by Pope John XXIII. For instance, Pope Paul VI reconvened the Second Vatican council which had automatically been called off following the death of Pope John XXIII, who had originally convened the Second Vatican Council (Matthews, 2013).

Also, throughout his papacy, Pope Paul VI had to grapple with the tension between the papacy and the episcopacy; the main tension was on the primacy of the papacy and the collegiality of the episcopate. Pope John XXIII also had grappled with the same challenge throughout his papacy. Pope Paul VI Papacy Pope Paul VI was generally a very humble and simple Pope.

On being elected Pope, he did away with the much of the regal splendour of the papacy. Pope Paul VI also donated his own papal Tiara, a gift which he had received from the Archdiocese of Milan, where he had served as an Archbishop (Norwich, 2011). Pope Paul VI donated the Papal Tiara to the National Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which is at Washington in USA. The donation of the Tiara was a gift to the American Catholic Christians. As a Pope, Paul VI had a very poor press in comparison with his rather outgoing and jovial predecessor Pope John XXIII.

The poor press made the public image of Pope Paul VI to suffer a great deal. But despite this weakness, Paul VI was generally a brilliant man, humble, gentle, reserved, courteous, and deeply spiritual. Pope Paul VI also was the most travelled pope during his time. As a Pope, Pope VI was the first Pope to visit six continents during his papacy. Pope John Paul II, however, was more travelled than him because as a pope, Pope John Paul II travelled to more nations of the world than Paul VI had travelled (Matthews, 2013).

Up to date, Pope John Paul II is the most travelled Pope. The main goal of Pope Paul VI in travelling to the six continents was to spread the Gospel to all the corners of the World. By travelling to the six continents, Pope Paul VI emulated the apostle Paul, the name of whom he had adopted, who was known for his zeal in spreading the Gospel, and who had travelled to different places of the world spreading the Gospel.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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