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This constitutes almost 90% of all the transmissions of Rabies (lyssavirus) among both humans and animals. In America, there is another animal called the bat. This is another animal that transmits the disease through bites. Other animals that have a likely ability to transmit the disease are rodents like rats and mice, although in most cases, rodents are rare to be infected. Through the peripheral nerves, the virus travels to the brain. In most cases, the diagnosis of the disease begins when symptoms appear for the first time. Through animal control mechanisms, one some of the common methods of avoiding spread of Rabies (lyssavirus) can be managed.

For instance, in most parts of the world, animal control have led to reduction in the number of disease transmission. Immunization plays a critical role in managing a large portion of the present transmissions. Through immunization, people will be able to avoid infection in the case that they are exposed to the disease. For people who live of work in places with high prevalence of the disease, it is important to make sure that people have been immunized for them to receive equitable protection.

For people and animals infected with rabies, it is important that rabies vaccine be exposed to them. In most cases, a drug called rabies immunoglobun is essential for every person with a high likelihood of being exposed to the disease. Washing bites with enough water and making sure that the washing is done immediately is critical towards avoiding infections. Washing bites with soap and water helps to reduce chances of infection. Washing should be done within the first 15 minutes.

With extensive treatment, it becomes a possibility to have treatment and hence avoid any further infection of those at risk. There are a large number of people who perish because of being infected with the disease. For instance, the recent world researches indicate that about 26,000 to 55, 000 deaths occur every year in the world. This is a significant number that can be reduced with equitable measures being put in place. In Asia and Africa alone, there are a 95% deaths percentage of all the global deaths annually. Some regions of the world like most islands do not have rabies infection.

Research objectives To determine the originality of Rabies (lyssavirus) as a disease and infection in the world To determine symptoms of Rabies (lyssavirus) To explore and determine possible actions taken to cure and/or curb Rabies (lyssavirus) Research question Rabies (lyssavirus) is a dangerous disease that attacks living things, preferably human beings and dogs/foxes, with severe effects, and is a killer disease with a number of alleviation measures globally.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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