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Salaries for the master degree graduates are higher than the salary for the bachelor degree students. This implies that higher education is financially beneficial. This study found that the main challenge to public education was the division of the public school system into schools for the poor and rich. This division causes an inequality in standards, skills and staffing. According to Jared, public education is challenged by student attitude and behavior, and parent participation in the system (34). The investment in higher education is usually not equivalent to the benefits accrued from the investment.

The net befit is usually low leading to discouragement and regrets among the student who advanced in their careers. Realities in life ought to be tackled rather than evading from them. In this regard, many students opt for a master degree program in order to avoid the scourge of unemployment. This usually does not help given that it takes long for this group of students to be creative and innovative in order to create self-employment. This view of unemployment leads to stagnation in the intellectual development of the students.

Consequently, there is time and financial resource wastage in the graduate school. For instance, loans sought by the students who join the bandwagon in joining the masters programs, haunt the students for life. This is because some students join the advanced education programs because of the excitement, prestige and pride associated with the programs. Students are ill-prepared to effectively manage the poor college food quality. The reason for this assertion is that students lack sufficient skills on how to manage negative attitude towards college food. In this respect, a large portion of the teenagers do not know how to operate their upkeep money (Biswas 67).

Additionally, only a small percentage of teenagers understood and know the exact interest rate charges and fees levied on the use of the credit cards. The responsibility of paying for the school cafeteria meals for students should be on the parents and guardians. This is because most students lack sufficient financial; management skills. Before the students are versed with the good financial management skills, it is prudent for guardians take up the responsibility of paying for their children’s cafeteria charges.

The students are always ready to be taught the required financial management skills in order to be financially literate. This will enhance the making of informed financial management decisions.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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