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This shows that there is a major loophole in the implementation of the law. Another disturbing incident described by the Sydney Morning Herald related to the detention of six girls in Sydney aged between 13 and 15 who were drunk on a Saturday night (2011). This event showed that the trend of teenage drinking is affecting much younger people and not just 16 and 17 year olds, but people as young as 13. Additionally, the gender dynamics are also being modified because in the past, these early drinking cases involved boys rather than girls.

Additionally, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that these teenagers were involved in various forms of crimes in addition to drinking. This shows that underage drinking is indeed leading young children into other social vices. This is effectively causing children to build criminal careers earlier than normal. 3.0 Research Questions This research is being conducted with the view of promoting social change in Sydney. As such, the research addresses the main and pertinent issues relating to underage drinking. The research aims at exploring the causes, effects of underage drinking in Sydney.

It also seeks to identify solutions to teenage drinking in Sydney. This will be used constructively to provide recommendations on how the problem of teenage drinking can be curbed and/or eliminated from the Australian society. In arriving at this end, the following objectives will be explored: 1. An examination of the causes of underage drinking amongst teenagers in Sydney. 2. An analysis of the weaknesses of the Australian society that encourages teenage drinking in Sydney. 3. An evaluation of the effects of teenage drinking on the Australian society. 4. Identification of possible solutions to the problems that lead to underage drinking in Sydney. 4.0 Research Methodology Methodology refers to the approaches for the conduct of a research (Alston and Boweles, 2003 p308).

As such, the methodology sets out the broad framework within which the research exercise is carried out by a researcher. In this research, there will be a qualitative study of the main factors that contribute to the increase in youthful drinking habits in Sydney. It will attempt to find out why people and elements of the society continue to tilt towards this social vice.

It will also attempt to find out the actual effects of the practice and solutions that relevant stakeholders will prescribe to the issue 5.0 Research Design In the first chapter of his book, Professor Bryman identifies that the essence of quantitative research is to provide a logical method of collecting information, analysing the information and formulating theories on the basis of the findings of the study (2012 p7).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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