Select a technology that emerged within the last five years and consider its impact on your business. Make a decision on whether to adopt this technology – Research Paper Example

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Module Executive Summary The essence of any business is to provide the most efficient services to its through their mostappropriate technology and business policies. Technology is of great importance when dealing with clients, as well as production means. Each of these important aspects requires that a company understands its preferences and to what lengths the business is willing to go to meet its goals. The company is required to manage its computer resources and its storage of important business data. As such, going the cloud way is essential in this day and age probably because of the many benefits that accrue from its adoption into a business policy and the many clients who will benefit from the company’s ingenuity.

As such, the potential of saving business costs and increasing its efficiency while at the same time offering reliable services to the clients cannot be overlooked. The benefits of adopting cloud computing are numerous though there are also some risks that may be incurred. But given the increasing benefits of this technology that a company can utilize, adopting it will be essential.

The company will benefit from faster deployment of new business capabilities, lower-risk business innovation, global scale outreach, more intelligent IT spending and easier automation of IT services and information from the relevant sites. Some of the risks to be incurred include outsourcing to an external provider which gives the flexibility but does not eliminate the risks incurred; storage of data outside the company may be of great concern and the probability of vendor lock-in due to the different services provided by each vendor. With such details, the company can make better decisions on how to develop the technical ability of the company. Introduction The main aim of this report is to explore the benefits of adopting a different strategy on the technological front.

Technology is very essential in the current business world with each company seeking to address its issues from a technological point of view. Each company looks for ways of saving more while using the least cost to maximally achieve the greatest results on the same. Technology has made business faster with the internet revolutionizing the way business is being done.

Interactions within and without have become easier, faster and more secure with each party expressly meeting their demands with such minimal supervision but with constant communication being core. Thus, speed, cupped with technology adds flexibility and responsiveness to interactions.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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