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This is therefore a long-term strategy to reduce drug abuse in the US. Debate club, “a meeting of the sharpest minds on the days most important topics”, 6 Match. 2012. Web. 28 Feb. 2013 When this matter got to the senate, it was an arguable issue and most proponents argued that aid has to be provided based on reciprocal obligation. Reaction to the result from tested prisoners which showed that “Welfare-receiving arrestees were more likely to test positive for benzodiazepines (16 percent vs. 7 percent, /? < 0.01) and opiates (13 percent vs.

6 percent, p < 0.05)” (Yacoubian, 143)This was aThis means that whenever aid is given, there has to be some obligation by the person receiving this kind of help. “In West Virginia, delegate CraigBlair wants all welfare recipients to undergo drug testing as a condition of receiving welfare, unemployment compensation, ” (Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly 1)This has to apply to drug users who are beneficiaries of welfare programs. They have to realize that as much as they cannot provide for themselves, they have an obligation to ensure that they use the money they get from welfare programs responsibly.

A good example given by one of the senators is that the US government would not fund any nation that is known to be associated with terrorist since it would be seen as if they are funding terrorists. The same principle is applicable here. “In Arizona, Sen. Russell Pearcelast month proposed a bill to test TANF recipients for drugs as a way to balance the state budget” (Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly 1)The government cannot continue funding drug addicts yet the same government is out to ensure that we live in a drug free nation.

The US government has to live by example and one of the ways to do that is to ensure that it does not fund anyone who will use the same money on drugs. Governments cannot fund terrorists in any way. Smith, Phillip. Welfare. Digital image. Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Prohibition. N.p. , 26 Feb. 2013. Web. 28 Feb. 2013 With the expiry of the unemployment bill in the early days of 2012, it is time for the people as well as the government to consider coming up with logical laws and rules.

“As of July 1, all welfare recipients in Florida will have to take drug tests” (Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly 1)These rules have to consider all aspects of this very crucial issue and by so doing, all stake holders have to consider all the points of view. For example, one of the major arguments that opposes of this topic argue on is that having a drug test on all the welfare beneficiaries is a very expensive process and would cost the government more than it would cost them paying all the beneficiaries.

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