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In addition, the most important function of the smart grid is to provide the automation technology that allows the service center regulate and manage each and every device that is the part of the network or even millions of devices from a central position (U. S. Department of Energy, 2012). According to (LaMonica, 2009) to a greater extend smart grid works similar to the Internet and the throughway road system. For this reason, they are believed to be huge investments in communications. In addition, it is not only a function in fact it is an objective to provide the electricity system a digital revolution in an attempt to make it more well-organized and consistent.

Moreover, many governments and utilities all the way through the globe are spending billions of dollars to put down new communication sources and lines and ensure the electricity network function similar the computer networks we normally use in our daily life. Furthermore, huge technology vendors and thousands of new organizations are struggling for distinction and reputation in the smart grid (LaMonica, 2009). Security issues surrounding the smart grid In view of the fact that it is essential to put together information technologies for establishing and implementing the smart grid and achieving its complete advantages, however the same integrated technologies cause a great deal more complication as well as initiate new vulnerabilities and interdependencies.

In this scenario, scientists and researchers should put a great deal more effort to discover tools and techniques to secure these technologies as well as to ensure privacy must be planned and implemented near the beginning in the changeover to the smart grid.

In addition, smart grid security has directed the accusation in the understanding of desirable security surrounded by a number of areas of significant infrastructure. Moreover, this need has further grown in the past few years taking into consideration more than a few high-status violations of significant infrastructure security, and has created new momentum to the take to protect the up-and-coming smart grid (Jackson, 2010; Chicago, 2012). Despite the fact that the electric grid is completely based on computer-based control devices and these devices are progressively more linked to unsafe communication environments for instance the internet.

Hence, it makes them helpful for cyber risks. In this scenario, failing to implement effective security for electric grids, no matter deliberately or accidentally can have a considerable and extremely overwhelming effect on the nation and the economy.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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