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The technological journey: While the earlier part discussed the outlook of the mobile phones, as to how bulky and how limited they were in their application and appearance, this section looks into the technological aspect as to what form of technology and what sources were in place. The infancy can be traced to the analogue medium of communications, meaning analogue signals were employed to convey the conversation. These were highly susceptible to noise and had limited capacity in terms of the channels and users accommodations. This all were coined under the 1st generation technologies of mobile phones and communications which were set by the International Telecommunication Union (I.

T. U) Size compression: while at one time, the mobile phones were bulky ones, they have been transformed rapidly, and this was followed by the small sized mobile phones, this was further followed by the touch screen mobile phones which are a common trend in modern day and almost all the latest mobile phones come without the physical keypad, rather they have in built keypads which is a new gift of technology. The smart phones also provide support for technology beyond the second generation devices and technologies, for example the third generations’ technologies come in form of the C. D.M. A concepts and technology, these devices are equally equipped to ensure that they can cover the requirements of these devices.

The smart phones are even adaptable to the Wimax technology and there are number of mobile phones available in the market which are fully supported with the 4th generation technologies. They have their own dedicated browsers such as internet explorer, opera, and various others. Core definition of smart phones: The smart phones concept has been introduced ever since advancements started beginning in the domain of mobile phones, the smart phones differ from the conventional form of mobile phones that may had been in use over a decade ago, the present day smart phones are smart in true sense, have multiple functionalities, nearly computer like features, advanced technologies such as the microprocessors, displays being sensitive and ultra bright ones, keypads vs.

non keypad mobile phones, all these define the smart phone area of mobile phones. The core idea of smart phone is that of providing multiple features in a single device, these features include communication establishment path and source, computer like functions providing and covering up for the needs of the digital media.



Ilyas, Mohammad and Syed A. Ahson. Smartphones: Research Report. Intl. Engineering Consortiu, 2006.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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