Teenagers and Gang Violence in Connecticut must be in the last 5 years – Research Paper Example

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This is a concern among the police authorities as the age of homicide victims are getting younger than ever. There have been many shootings and stabbings happening in the state in the past years that Federal, state and local authorities are highly concerned about the security of teenagers. More of violence is especially observed in the Hartford and Manchester towns of Connecticut State. The gang violence among teenagers has taken over the nature of adult fights and local police are more active to trace the reason for such violence. The teenagers involved in gang violence perform activities like petty theft, vandalism, fights over turf, drug dealing and burglary.

Since the teenagers are mostly set free they have the tendency to repeat the same action as they know that there would not be any negative consequences for their atrocities. The involvement of teenage in gangs is what mostly provokes them to end up in violence. In his book(Gerali, 32)writes that “ Teenagers who get involved with gangs may begin carrying weapons such as knives, baseball bats, pipes, brass knuckles, hammers, pipe wrenches, and guns”.

In Stratford town there happens rapes, brawls and killing which is caused by the teenagers who are member of violent gangs. The police in Connecticut have found out that these teenage gangs also have common identity to affiliate them with. The teenage and gang violence has affected the Connecticut state in an extremely disastrous manner especially the occurrence of dating violence is on rise in the state where the boyfriend is over controlling the girl friend. Dating violence can be of many types like emotional or mental abuse, sexual and physical abuse.

It is trend in Manchester city for the gang members to beat up the people who are not of their gang. The non – gang members are hit by clubs or bats and injured badly for not complying with them These gang members usually are in the age range of 12 to 25 years of age and mostly are members of ethnic group. These people are mostly organized and always have a leader to guide them and operates in specific territory. The Reason for Violence among Teenagers in Gangs The reasons for escalating violence among teens can be significantly contributed to their parents, family environment and the neighborhood.

As per (Petty)“What started as a fight between Torrington High School students escalated into a bizarre case of a mom chasing a teen in a car and threats of gang violence and retaliation on city streets”.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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