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This trend has been noticed on the big screen before in the movies of directors like Robert Altman, John Sales, Spike Lee, Lawrence Kesdan (in his film “Grand Canyon”). Don Cheadle plays Graham, the police detective who becomes involved in the car accident at the beginning of the film. Jennifer Esposito portrays Ria, his girlfriend. Chris Bridges acts as Anthony and Larenz Tate pays Peter, the two black youths who receive inhospitable treatment at the restaurant and carjack the white couple. Brendon Fraser plays Rick, the fair skinned district lawyer and Sandra Bullock acts as Jean, his pampered wife.

Jean is an extroverted racist who harbors issues against people from origins other than her own country. This role is quite unlike any of the roles that Bullock has portrayed so far on screen, and she puts in a spirited performance as the racist wife of the lawyer. Although both Fraser and Bullock have almost cameo roles, their contribution to the film is immense. Michael Pena plays the role of the Daniel, Hispanic locksmith who comes to the couple’s house for changing the locks.

Matt Dillon plays abusive policeman Ryan, who first assaults the black woman and later goes on to save her by risking his own life. Ryan Philippe plays Officer Hansen, the young partner of Ryan. Terrence Howard plays the Hollywood television director and Thandie Newton acts as his glamorous wife Christine. Shaun Toub acts as the Persian merchant who wants to buy a gun for the security of his shop and Bahar Soomekh portrays his young daughter. Each of the actors has portrayed their respective roles marvelously, which have enhanced the dramatic effect of the film.

Cinematography James Muro is the cinematographer of the film. The film relies heavily on its cinematography to create the impact of confusion and a state of restlessness in the eyes of the viewer. The cinematic style takes the help of blurred effects to exhibit these impacts on the big screen. While this remains the predominant style, the state of confusion is interspersed with dramatic incidents, which have far-reaching consequences. The significant happenings are filmed in a crisp and riveting style. Muro contrasts images of normal incidents with those of the dramatic occurances quite skillfully. Editing It was a huge challenge editing a film like Crash, which narrates its story through different incidents happening in the lives of its seemingly unrelated characters.

Huges Winborne has accomplished this task wonderfully and the film won the Academy Award for the best editing in 2005.  The editing is crisp and sharp which helps the film to have the desired dramatic effect on its viewers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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