In what conditions people more enjoy lives – Research Paper Example

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By that one will be trying to make his or her life enjoyable without noticing. Music is also a way that one could make one be able to achieve his or her emotions. It creates a mind of imaginations and these acts a stress remover. Music plays a major role towards getting good or stable emotions. Music makes one to attain a better self-esteem and also helps one to fight the spirit of loneliness. One will have that feeling that he or she is not isolated. It makes one feel empowered and enables one to view life in other dimensions even when life becomes hard for an individual.

The other step towards working on the emotional life to achieve an enjoyable life is making sure that one starts the day with a smile. One has to work on this because it is very important when it comes to the emotions. Facial expression influences the mood of a person since it is the one which explains to the other people how one feels. The happy face that one puts in the morning is an encouragement throughout the day and it keeps one in good mood for the whole day.

The other step on how to work on the emotions of a person to create an enjoyable life is by going for break. This is very essential for one to have an enjoyable life. One should take a break and not just a break to stay in the house. One is required to take a break to visit new places and spend time with family or friends in such occasions. A vacation would be so helpful and help one be stable emotionally and also it helps one to appreciate himself after being engaged in a lot of things for some time.

This brings forth relaxation which is also important in order for one to be happy and enjoy life (John, 2009) The people that one associates with are very important when it comes to determining the life of a person and it affects the happiness that brings enjoyment in life. The saying goes that the birds of the same feather flock together meaning that friends have got a way that they influence each other in one way or the other.

When making selections on the friends that the people associate with we should be cautious and make the right decision towards that since friends will always be there either to spice or ruin your life. When associating with friends make sure that you hang out with friends who are positive thinkers, those with good thoughts about life and still they should be able to inspire you. Life becomes better when you go and meet with old friends that you haven’t met in a long time and that makes one feel more better recalling good times that happened in the past with such people is such a good experience (John, 2009).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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