Customer satisfaction towards E-banking in Saudi Arabia: Alrajhi Bank as a case study – Research Proposal Example

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Customers were required to stand in queues for depositing and withdrawing money. However, the use of e-banking has helped in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of banking operations and transactions. This has undoubtedly enhanced the overall appeal of Saudi Banks. Alrajhi Bank is the leading Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia and with large inflow of capital; the bank witnessed tremendous growth in a short period of time. With aggressive marketing activities; the bank acquired new customers that further helped in excellent growth. However, with an increase in the scale of operations coupled with the complexity of Islamic banking; the bank suffered severe setback in terms of declining customer satisfaction.

This led to the introduction of customer oriented approach rather than functional based along with e-banking that helped in adding value to the customer satisfaction to an extent. Thus, the background of the research topic seems to be interesting in terms of further research. 1.5: Rationale for the Research Topic The goal of every organisation is to increase customer satisfaction in a unique manner. Meeting the needs and demands of customers often ensure the survival of organisations along with adding value to the reputation.

The rationale for the research is based on the fact that intent technologies have offered great potential to almost every sector to flourish and grow. Furthermore, it has offered an opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction by saving their time, energy, and additional transaction cost. Thus, the research will explore these opportunities in the context of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, there are not many research works on the relationship between customer satisfaction and e-banking and this research work will help in filling this gap and thus adding more value to the existing literature. 1.6: Scope of the Research The scope of the research can be assumed as moderately broad considering the fact that the use of case study will help in garnering multiple data that will offer opportunity to triangulate data and thus strengthening the research.

In order to further enhance the scope of the research; the researcher will use relevant secondary data and information that will add more value to the research and thus helping in collecting relevant findings. 1.7: Structure of the Research The structure of the research work needs to be kept simple.

In this regard, the researcher will be dividing the research work into six different chapters discussed as follow: Chapter-1: Introduction- The chapter will introduce the research topic along with stating the aim, objectives, and relevant research questions.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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