A group for women that have just gone through a Divorce – Research Proposal Example

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Rationale Goals for the group The group has short-term and long-term goals. The following are the short-term goals. To reduce and mitigate psychological pain that the women may be going through To protect involved children from effects of the woman’s pain The following are the long-term objectives of the group To help the women recover from effects of divorce To help the women understand root causes of the divorce To help the women into better relationships in future to avoid reoccurrence of divorce To equip the women to be advocates for stability of the institution of marriage through discussion of their positive lessons from the divorce and therapy processes Accomplishment and evaluation of the goals The goals will be accomplished through therapy for the to the group members who shall be members of the group.

Members will be organized into focus groups in which they will be encouraged to share their experiences with peer. This will aim at exposing the patients to a wider view of the problem that they faced through the divorce process, and helping the participants open up during therapy processes. Gestalt therapy will then be used to help the patients understand the root cause of their divorce and to overcome adverse effects of their divorce towards Interviews will be used to evaluate achievement of the goals based on set standards for monthly evaluation.

After every month of therapy, the women will respond to a written interview with scales on indicators of effects of divorce on them and on their children. Standards will be established for expectations on the patients’ improvement and evaluations based on the standards. Two aspects of the evaluation will be conducted. Each of the patients will be evaluated for success in recovery from effects of divorce toward managed effects, based on the standards.

Evaluations will also assume a longitudinal scope to note progress in each of the participants’ success in managing effects of divorce. The same strategy will be applied for evaluating long-term goals for the group and all evaluation results averaged on a longitudinal basis. Significance of the type of group There is need for the group approach to therapy instead of an individual approach to therapy because of advantages that induces effectiveness and efficiency of therapy.

One of the advantages of group therapy is lower cost of service to clients. Therapy cost is shared among many patients and this leads to unit cost. This ensures financial feasibility of the proposed intervention.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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