Does having wealthy parents pay college tuition result in more failed classes – Research Proposal Example

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Another extreme of the same issue is those students, who belong to underdeveloped families where there are not much resources to get their children into high class institutions, who take the responsibility in their own hands, make money by doing some professional jobs, and get themselves admitted to these prestigious institutions, and most importantly, do perform satisfactory or excellent in all the exams. Some people understand the problem in terms of the lack of vision different ‘classes’ of student have. Students from rich families might already have seen the world as they are financially established, so they might have a lack of vision or aim.

Majority of the students from poor families, on the other hand, have some vision or aim to become a business professional etc after getting qualified or graduated from a prestigious institution which can turn their lives into a new dimension. Many opponents of this argument that students from rich families have lack of vision or aim state that every student does have an aim and that is why he is studying in an institution to one day become someone who has respect in the society.

They further argue that it’s the fault in the approach their parents use with which they are treating their child. Going further, the parents must make their children responsible of their own being and must give them space to stand on their own feet. Most of the rich parents give a little bit more space when it comes to going out with friends and attending parties. The parents’ attention is the most important tool that keeps the children on the right track, otherwise all the money being invested is going to be wasted.

The difference between the students from rich and poor families is that the poor students have already been meeting their responsibilities by doing a professional job and making living for themselves, which also means they are already standing on their feet, as they do not find enough support from their parents. On the other hand, children from the rich families have an extra amount of support that keeps them lacking the ability to do something on their own.

Hence, a detailed introduction of the report will help us go further to talk about the central issue concerning why do having wealthy parents pay college tuition result in more failed classes and exams. The introduction has provided enough background to the basic problem that is at hand, as the other extreme of middle class students has also been explained as well as differences mentioned.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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