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Assessing the effect of balancing roles pertaining to work and family among workers The issue of managing issues pertaining to work and family is quite challenging for most workers. It has contributed to several problems both at homes and at places of work. Even though work has several benefits, it also affects people negatively. Both the advantages and disadvantages of work have a direct connection to family life of workers. Therefore, work has a direct influence on family life. Consequently, experiences related to family life can also affect work in both negative and positive ways.

The research is against a background of emergence of challenges in dealing with roles pertaining to work as well as those of family. Managing such roles requires proper balancing, and this is quite challenging. Therefore, the research tries to ascertain the effect of balancing such roles in the ever-changing society with regard to the workers of United Kingdom. Thus, it tries to establish whether people who balance the roles experience positive or negative effect in their life. INTRODUCTION In life, every employee has to balance demands of work and family.

Despite presence of advances within the work – family literature, there still exist significant gaps in our knowledge concerning the issue (Bianchi, Casper, & King, 2009). For instance, there has been individual ignorance on the manner people balance work and family life. Family – work research has exclusively depended on the scarcity perspective. Some suggests that getting involved in both family and work roles contributes to interrole conflict. This occurs due to imbalance of work and family roles by employees (Crompton, 2006). BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM Work and family are part of human beings.

One cannot forego the other due to the existence of consequences that might be so cruel. Since they are complementary, there is the need for balance of their roles. However, in life, there are several instances when people do not balance the roles, thereby contributing to several problems and making their lives miserable. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM AND JUSTIFICATION There has been problems associated with work and family roles among employees. These have resulted into conflicts, which have hindered productivity as well as reduced performance while at the same time, lowering living standards.

Therefore, the purpose of the research is to establish ways of balancing both work and family roles and the manner of influencing such balance to ensure minimal or little conflicts arises thereby, ensuring high productivity levels and increased standard of living.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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