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The definition of Innovation
The competitive challenge for the future cauѕeѕ low-coѕt producerѕ and low-coѕt innovatorѕ. Aѕ we al know innovation iѕ putting new ideaѕ into practice and achieving commercial ѕucceѕѕ with them. It containѕ efficient ideaѕ that lead to brand new productѕ or ѕerviceѕ like a new flu drug or mobile phoneѕ and efficient ideaѕ which improve the way thingѕ happen. Innovation iѕ not juѕt about new technology, it iѕ about new ideaѕ. New ideaѕ can improve all aѕpectѕ of the…
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Product Innovation
Normally these requirements are government by standard provided by American Petroleum institute, the specification that covers the product specifications of assembly of flange used in well head and Christmas tree is API 6A (2004). Well head equipments are the primary equipment used in drilling and production of oil and gas. This equipment is installed at the land of the well. This equipment is used to deliver the hierarchal and over all support to all the drilling and production structures.…
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Sustainable Energy Technology
Cost When designing the connection system for the application, cost of the equipment is among the major determinants. For instance, gearless connection is cheaper than any other connection that can be utilized while putting the equipment into service. The cost of the protection devices is also an important consideration since the monetary value of these devices varies (Wengenmayr 2008, 5). The Grid Voltage The Grid Voltage dictates the type and manner of connection to be used. Gearless system…
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SimCity 2013 Video game critique
However, the official release of the latest version of the game occurred on March 6th 2013. On the contrary, the game program development was by Maxis while the publication was by Electronic arts Company. In essence, Maxis Company is an internet developer of video games that starts in 1987 and is presently an arm of Electronic Arts. On the other hand, Electronic Arts is a publisher, developer, and marketer of video games that also specializes in distribution of the same. The company started…
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