International Politics and the Middle East – Term Paper Example

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This paper tells that the most important incident or the most significant issue in the history of the Middle East which defined the future scenario of the world politics was the issue of Palestine and Israel. The British with the approval of the League of Nations gained control of the Palestinian region in 1917 and from the very beginning, the British supported a Jewish state in the Palestinian region, publically and diplomatically. This motive of the British was formally announced in the Balfour Declaration which states that the Jewish people have an inherent right to have a separate state for themselves in the Palestinian regions and they will be granted their fundamental rights in the form of a separate state in the Palestinian regions, where they are in a considerable majority.

The Arabs soon realized that the motive behind this step of the British is to divide the Middle Eastern state and establish a stronghold in the Arab and Middle Eastern regions in the form of a Jewish state. The British proposed a solution which was practically impossible and was based on the assumption that the Muslim and Jewish population of the newly formed Jewish state will live together peacefully.

The division of Palestine and the creation of Israel in the Palestinian regions gave rise to various conflicts which have not been resolved to date. Although the actions, behavior, policies, and strategies of the local actors, Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews including the Israeli Zionists are greatly responsible for these conflicts there are various actions associated to the United States, Great Britain and the United Nations which ultimately lead to the current situation.

Aggrieved with these actions of the Western powers, the Arab neighbors of Palestine also played a remarkable role in aggravating the conflicting situation. The issue of Palestine gave rise to Arab nationalism and the Arabs decided to fight the Western powers against one common cause.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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