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This project paper describes the windows blind Ecommerce website. Windows blind has three different users with different privileges. The first section of the paper describes the situation analysis of the paper. Under the situation analysis, we look at the target market needs which describe the target group of the ecommerce website and how the website is going to help them automate their transactions. This section also describes the market demographics. Market demographics describe the segmentation of the market in terms of age, income gender and society. The last thing under the first part is business growth and competitive analysis.

Under this, we look at the competitors of the business and how the website quality and technical specifications will allow it exist in the market segment. It also describes the strategic assessment of the customers’ needs. The next section describes the functional requirements of windows blind website. This incorporates what the system can and must do. Each deliverable is described in details on the basis of the functions to be implemented. This section also lists down all the users and their tasks are also elaborated.

The functional specifications are further divided into technical specifications and the non-technical specification. The technical specification directly addresses the requirements of the website while the non-technical specifications assist the technical specification in the realization of the objectives described in the first section. The final section presents aaa description of the site map and the user testing framework. The site map shows all the pages and sections available in the website. It also describes the basic functionalities of the website. It also includes the technical specification documentation and the dimensions of ecommerce security which must be realized by any ecommerce website.

These dimensions include authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation and availability. The paper describes how windows blind website achieves all these dimensions. Introduction Windows blind ecommerce website is a website which automates business transactions and that deals in IT products. Its processes are in position to achieve five dimensions of ecommerce security which are confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, non-repudiation and availability. Windows blind has three different users with different privileges. These users are the visitors (non-registered users), customers (registered users) and the administrators.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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