The Effect the Haitian Revolution had on the French Revolution – Term Paper Example

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It had not happened before so it was not an easy task but the glory of the Haitian revolts had grown to be noticed in all the regions and the blacks felt proud of this. When the Haitian leader, Toussaint had declared to support the British and Spain to fight the French it was another revolution from the Haiti towards the French and with all the damage they had caused to the people of Haiti it was like revenge. Toussaint was promoted to hold important positions like the governor.

And thereafter became the head of a semi-independent San Domingo. In the year 1802 Toussaint was deceived by the troops sent by napoleon and he was captured and later on died in a French prison. The Haitian revolution had a lot of impacts and the other countries feared that the other countries that held slaves hostage would experience such a revolt like the one that happened in Haiti. The Haitian revolution encouraged other slaves to fight for their freedom from the whites. This changes ere were felt mostly in Jamaica and Venezuela and the United States.

The gaining of independence for the people of Haiti brought very many other changes to the region. They allowed the slaves who came from other countries to hide in their country. The constitution of Haiti explained very well that when any black slave stepped his or her foot in Haiti he or she was considered to be Haitian and therefore the constitution of Haiti protected all the blacks. A lot of slaves came from different regions came to reside in Haiti where they were free to be citizens.

The Haitian revolution had helped so much to protect many slaves. They had also kept some fear to the white people and showed them that they were capable of doing things on their own3. These were good positive changes that would help the many blacks and slaves to be treated with respect by the whites. Because of the rivalry between Haiti and France, Haiti went on opposing the French even after they had attained independence. It was just the spirit of revenge that made Haiti to retreat towards France.

The violence that they had caused in their country and the destroying of their plantations and the exploiting of Haiti had made the Haitians to retreat and hate the French nation so much. They had imposed very many rules and treated them with brutality when they were in charge and this was the attitude that came up due to all the sufferings the Haitians had gone through before they attained their independence. Even after their independence the Haitians still had the fear that they would be invaded by other forces from the outside.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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