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Effects of e-Business on Project Mgt, Supply Chain Mgt, Retailing, Entertainment & Manufacturing Table of Contents Introduction 3 2.Effects of e-Business on Project management 3 2.1.Advantages 4 2.2.Disadvantages 4 3.Effects of e-Business on Supply chain management 5 3.1.Advantages 5 3.2.Disadvantages 6 4.Effects of e-Business on Retailing 7 4.1.Advantages 7 4.2.Disadvantages 8 5.Effects of e-Business on Entertainment 9 5.1.Advantages 9 5.2.Disadvantages 10 6.Effects of e-Business on Manufacturing 10 6.1.Advantages 11 6.2.Disadvantages 11 7.Conclusion 11 8.Reference 13 1. Introduction Globalisation and technological advancement has been constantly aiming to improve the nature of trade and business. It is very interesting to realise that globalisation has brought numerous opportunities for business and it also increased intensity of competition. On the other hand, technological advancement led by this globalisation strives to offer a sustainable competition advantage to gain upper hand position in the market.

In this regard, e-commerce and e-business are the most significant technological boon for the entire business world. e-Business and e-commerce are linked together as Parazoglou commented that e-commerce is a form of e-business. E-commerce generally deals with buying and selling products through internet; whereas, e-business is “more generic term” and it encompasses entire business transactions like B2B, B2C, and B2G etc (Parazoglou, p.2). This paper will attempt to present effects of e-business on multiple areas of business including project management, supply chain, retailing, entertainment and manufacturing.

The discussions mainly focus on pros and cons of e-business on the stated areas. 2. Effects of e-Business on Project management Project management is a set of activities aiming to achieve specific project objective by proper “planning, scheduling and controlling” (Lewis, p.7). The process of planning, scheduling and controlling is a challenging task that requires better communication, information and coordination among the related cross functional departments like finance, HR, manufacturing etc. In this regard, e-business is helpful in combining the stated three major tasks in project management.

Information communication technology (ICT) is an integral part e-business, through a number application multiple projects are conducted for achieving better accuracy within timeframe. The entire process of project management can be executed through a web based platform.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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